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 VDL 6000 AIS Class A System
The VDL 6000 AIS Class A System is compliant to the International standards ITU M.1371-1 and IEC 61993-2 as applicable for SOLAS vessels. The system is wheel marked.

The VDL 6000 is robustly designed with technology used in C.N.S. Systems civil avia
tion products with its special demands on quality, performance, safety, security, traceability etc.

The VDL 6000 system consists of three basic building blocks; Transponder, MKD and Connection Unit (including connecting cables). The system is optionally delivered with antennas, antenna cables and connectors.

The VDL 6000 system is based on a digital radio module, high performance processors, robust software and a compact design


Approval document

BSH Type Examination Certificate - VDL 6000


Technical data for download

Product specification i PDF format


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Connection Unit VDL 6000

Minimum Keyboard Display VDL 6000

VDL 6000 AIS Transponder